Caring for your leather

Your gear was hand made from top quality American leather.  Every piece was cut, dyed, stitched, and finished all by hand. 

You’ll notice your leather has a natural grain.  Each item is cut to highlight its natural beauty.

Keep it looking great

After you’ve had your leather gear for 6 to 12 months it should be looking better than the day it arrived.  Like most natural items, leather ages well and tends to look better as it ages and weathers.

Cleaning – You can use a mild saddle soap and soft brush to clean off any dirt or grime.  Condition the leather after cleaning.

Conditioning – Leather should be conditioned with a quality oil.  Neatsfoot oil is a favorite and readily available at some hardware stores and virtually every tack store.  Unscented baby oil will also do the job.  Mink oil will continue further waterproof the leather, but may darken it slightly.   Use a small amount of oil and gently rub it into the leather.  Buff it with a dry cloth once it’s dry.

Scratches – Scratches add general wear add a natural, rugged beauty to leather.  If you do need to address a minor scratch, use a very small amount of oil and rub in circular motions around the scratched area.  Apply varying pressures while rubbing until the scratch is burnished away.