Custom Built Fly Rods

Nothing highlights the beauty of a high mountain trout stream like a hand crafted, personalized fly rod. Cutthroat fly rods are hand made to your specifications with the highest attention to detail, design, and durability.

We craft the finest components and use the industry's highest quality parts. Our rods are build from the finest graphite, fiberglass, and bamboo available at highly affordable prices.

What We Build

  • Graphite fly rods
  • Fiberglass fly rods
  • Bamboo fly rods
  • Custom grips

All of our rods are build to your specifications.  The quality is far superior to off-the-shelf rods in both aesthetics and performance.  Each rod is unique suited to your needs from bottom to tip top.

Got Questions?

Answer all your questions on the FAQ page
Do custom rods cost a lot?
No! Our custom rods are comprable in price to what you'll find at your local outfitter. But we can build a higher quality rod dollar-for-dollar that what you'll get off the shelf.
Are your rods as good as name brands like Sage or Hardy?
Yes! First, we can build your rod using almost any brand including Sage, R.L. Winston, St. Croix, or Mysitc.  We also have access to brands which are comprable in performance, but at a better price point.  Our goal is to produce a rod that's better than what the factory creates.
How does your pricing work?
Easy. We start with a base price depending on the kind of project (graphite, bamboo, etc...). From there, additional customizations add small, incremental amounts to the project. A custom grip, for example, adds a nominal fee to the project.
How long does it take to build a rod?
We can generally build a custom rod in two to four weeks assuming all parts we don't have in stock are available from our dealers. Once your order is received, your order goes into our queue. We'll begin fabrication as soon as possible.
Do you have a warranty?
Yes! In most cases we offer the original manufacturer warranty for parts. We also offer workmanship warranty at the time of sale.
What about refunds or returns?
We've never had a single request for a return. You're going to be thrilled with your rod! But because of the nature of our work, all sales are final.
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