Cutthroat Traders - Handcrafted Gear

Built by Hand

All of our gear is 100% hand crafted from the finest quality components. Browse our gallery or contact us directly.

Custom Fly Rods

Custom Fly Rod

We build custom graphite, fiberglass, and bamboo fly rods.  They're beautiful and more performant than name brands.

Leather Accessories

Fly Fishing Accessories

Fully functional, amazingly beautiful. Our fiend & stream accessories are a perfect compliment to your outfit.

Custom Field Gear

Custom Leather Gear

Our hand crafted cases, knife sheaths, and field gear are tailored to your specifications.

Fly Selections


Our hand tied fly selections are a fantastic way to cover western waters.  Each fly is hand tied for your home waters.

Beautiful, Functional

Our handmade gear is designed to be both functional and beautifyl.  We're happy to customize our products exactly how you'd like them.